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Minimazing alcohol damage with Hangovr180

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HANGOVR-180™ offers a reliable way to minimize physical damage from alcohol?

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Drink safely with Hangovr180

freedom to drink

Alcohol is woven into our cultural traditions.

Our relationship with it is complex at times.

Protect tomorrow™
Hangovr180 - mindful drinking

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Stopping cellular damage helps restore balance.

Protect tomorrow™

Popular Questions

Does H180 Reduce Intoxication?


Drinking alcohol has many risks and H180 does not reduce them.

If you drink, please drink responsibility.

When should I take H180?

Earlier is better, but...

Later is better than nothing.

For best results take it before you drink, even hours before. It lasts a long time.

How Does H180 Work?

Tri-Powr Defense™ contains 3 active ingredients that trigger cellular protection. Together, they promote and support your normal range natural defenses.

DHM (dihydromyricetin) promotes intercellular communication, making your cells work better together. Improving the metabolism of alcohols requires:

  • energizing your cells with improved mitochondrial function
  • boosting production of certain enzymes, ALD & ALDH
  • reducing production of other enzymes, AST and ALT, in the normal range

Humic and Fulvic Acids and Glutathione are H180's other two ingredients.

Together they promote:

  • a healthy inflammation response
  • a reduction in oxidative stress damage
  • an increase in DHM's bioavailability

We discovered the unique synergy of these three ingredients and that is the basis for our patent filing.

Hangovr180 from alcohol damage

Our passion

There are many paths to balance and harmony in life. We are driven to support everyone in achieving their own balance.

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